Submitting PDI Entries

Images should be 1600 pixels width x 1200 pixels high maximum.

Landscape format images should be no wider than 1600 pixels (height can be anything up to 1200 pixels).
Portrait format images no higher than 1200 pixels
(width can be anything up to 1600 pixels).

Resolution can be ignored. Resolution only important for Printing and not for Projected Images.

Images composed of Layers must be flattened and saved as high quality JPEG files in sRGB Colour Space

It is good practice to have a narrow, white border around the image so that it is clearly separated from the black projected background.

Images should be supplied on a CD/DVD or USB stick within a folder titled with the photographer’s full name

Image titles must not include the photographer’s name.

The titles of the images should be 1 Image Title and 2 Image Title.

Please ensure correct spelling of all entries – and correct capitalisation of names and entries.


Folder Name: Bilbo Baggins
Files within folder:
   1 The Lonely Mountain
   2 The Running River