Our chosen charity again for our 2023/24 season will be St Giles Hospice

St Giles Hospice
Fisherwick Road
WS14 9LH
Tel: 01543 432031
Email: [email protected]

Our policy regarding our chosen charity

There are many deserving charities out there and we wish we could support more but St. Giles Hospice Care was chosen as our charity by our President Roy Hodgkiss when we formed the camera club in 2009, his daughter was a nurse there so he had a personal Interest In them.  St. Giles have always been a tremendous help with end of life care for the patient and families.  We lost our dear member George Lamb and again St. Giles were a valued support.  

Once a year we donate an amount to St. Giles, usually by giving the proceeds taken on a club night and from special competitions like the “George Lamb Trophy”, “Roy Hodgkiss Natural History Competition”, “The President Trophy” and “Caroles Creative Competition”.  We hope we can continue to support this well deserving charity in the future.