Competition Rules

  1. Only fully paid up members are eligible to enter club competitions. 
  2. The competition year is deemed to run from September to June inclusive.
  3. Entry fee for each image entered will be 50p per image ( Print or Digital )
  4. The  number of images for each competition will  be 2 per member. The committee reserve the right to change the number of entries allowed for each section.
  5. The  following club competitions will be held at the discretion of the committee.
    • A photographic competition will be held monthly (September to June)
    • A specific subject may be introduced for an individual competition
    • An ½ year or yearly competition may be held.
    •  A President’s or Chairperson’s competition may be held, subject and date at the President’s or Chairperson’s discretion.
    •  Projected Digital Image (PDI) competitions may be included in the programme.
    • Trophies will be presented to the three members who accumulate the most points in each competition section  during the year.
  6. All club competitions will be divided into 3 sections, Advanced, Intermediate and Elementary
  7. The following points system will be implemented for all monthly club photographic competitions.
    • Each image entered shall receive one bonus point.
    • Each print will be given a mark out of 20. These marks will form the basis of the League tables.
    • Should a member enter two images into the monthly competition, only the highest scoring image shall count towards the league table.
    • The  monthly competition marks will be added together to decide the winner of each section for the year.
    • The final league tables of the  photographic year will also be used for the promotion from one section to another. The first in the Elementary and the first in the Intermediate sections being promoted to the Intermediate and Advanced sections respectively.
    • The committee reserve the right to move a member between sections if they believe it is beneficial for member and in the best interest of the competition.
  8. A competitions secretary will be nominated by the committee.
  9. All print entries to be handed to the competitions secretary at least 7days prior to the competition or as otherwise specified by the  competitions secretary or committee. Digital entries are required 14 days prior – due to the additional preparation time required.
  10. All print entries must have typed or neatly written in block capitals on reverse of mount in top left corner:
    1 Title of print, 2 Section entered, 3 Members name, 4  Club name.
  11. A judge for each competition will be nominated by the Competitions  Secretary. 
  12. The judge for the competition will give marks as per rule 7. 
  13. The committee reserves the right to withdraw an entry to a competition or ask a judge to only comment on an  entry, if they believe it to be: (a) outside the scope of a themed competition. (b) Offensive in a sexual nature, (c) Depicting images of an explicitly or inappropriate kind, (d) Not the entrants original work, (e) oversize mount (see 18).
  14. The judges decision is final and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into with regards to the result. 
  15. Members will remain in their section for the Camera Club year i.e. from September to June. New members will be allocated a section by the Competitions Secretary after consultation with the new member.
  16. Once an image has been used in a club monthly competition, it cannot be entered into any other club monthly competition in any format within that same season.
  17. An image may be re-entered into subsequent seasons club monthly competitions if changed from colour to monochrome or vice-versa.
  18. Print competition entries must be mounted, and have a maximum mount size of 400mmx500mm (16″x20″). The Image size and placement within the mount is at  the authors discretion.
  19. Digital  competition images (PDI) must be in jpeg format. Images must be in sRGB colour  space. Images should be no larger than 1600px wide  and 1200px high with one dimension (width or height) at its maximum.
  20. Copyright of all images making up an entry must rest with the entrant, images containing ‘clip art’ or stock photos are not permitted except in the audio-visual competition.
  21. In an AV competition members may enter a single digital sequence with a maximum running time of 8 minutes. The sequence must be playable on a windows computer and the author’s name must not appear in the sequence. Image size and aspect ratio are at the authors discretion, but for best results the image should be no larger than 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Amendments to these rules can be made for a particular competition should the committee believe it necessary or desirable. These amendments will be advertised at least 14 days prior to a competition

NOTE: Entries for external competitions may have specific clauses in the rules for entry which are different to the above and these will obviously take precedence.